Living Atlases Community

Atlas of Living Australia

Also known as ALA, the Atlas of Living Australia is an open-source framework aggregating biodiversity data from multiple sources and publishing them. The framework is build around a set of components and tools, making it a powerful platform to collect, visualize and analyze biodiversity data.

The basic modules includes collections and occurrences viewer, enabling visualizations and searches within collections.
ALA framework contains several other visualisable modules like:

  • Images pages, an images viewer plateform.
  • Species pages, giving data with integration of data from several external sources (DNA sequences, images, taxonomy).
  • Spatial Portal, enabling the analyse occurrence data with ecological, geographical or demographic layers.
  • DigiVol, a crowdsourcing platform for the digitalization of specimens.
  • BioCollect, a citizen-science platform aimed to facilitate the collect of data made by professional, students and passionate citizens.

Currently, only few modules have been installed by Canadensys, but the more will also be installed in the future.

The ALA framework has received a warm welcome from the GBIF community, and the team behind ALA has worked alongside GBIF’s team to allow for cross-platform share of data, through standardisation and communication between components. ALA is an active player and collaborator helping in the development of Biodiversity Informatics tools.

A growing community

The framework has rapidly draw attention and curiosity, offering promising modules and tools, and several organizations outside Australia have decided to install the framework for their own platforms, with the help of the ALA developers.

Courtesy of Katia Cezón, GBIF Spain

The community has now (as of 2018-03-01) 17 participants, of which 13 have running instances of ALA installed.
Through this active community, workshops has been and will be organized to help organizations with the installation of new instances, deployment of modules and tools for running instances and development of new innovative tools answering the needs of the community.


  • Living Atlases Workshop (CESP) – 19-23 February 2018, Madrid, Spain
  • Workshop in TDWG – August 2018, Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Living Atlases Workshop (CESP) – 2019, Paris

A list of past events is available on the Living Atlases Community webpage