City Nature Challenge (24-27 april 2020)

Observe nature from one ocean to the other The City Nature Challenge is an international initiative celebrating worldwide biodiversity. Cities in several countries have organize friendly challenges in order to see which community will harvest most observations of nature, find the most species or have the most participants to the City Nature Challenge. With the […]

Data cleaning, publication and re-use: a list of tools, materials and documentations

Cleaning, enrichment and publication of data is the everyday life of the Canadensys team, as well as the the curators, coordinators, technicians, volunteers, students, … that are working in collections to digitize and publish specimens, or collecting data on the field, or even trying to digitize datasets/papers published and historically important. The task can be […]

Importance of the work of volunteers in biodiversity

With the development of citizen sciences platforms and applications, like iNaturalist, eBird or the Herbonautes, the involvement of volunteers in the collect, digitalization and quality improvement of data is drastically increasing. The vast majority of occurrences published on GBIF are observations, mostly collected through citizen science applications and initiatives. In university and museum collections, volunteers […]

Strengthening the Living Atlases Community of Practice

The GBIF Secretariat has funded two half-time positions in the network to assist in developing a growing community of practice around ‘Living Atlases’. Vicente Ruiz Jurado of the Atlas of Living Spain will act as technical coordinator, with responsibility for supporting developers, improving technical documentation and building a shared roadmap. Marie Elise Lecoq of VertNet […]

Open Data

The Canadensys development team participated in the International Open Data Day 2013 organized by QuébecOuvert on February 23, 2013. This event took place in Montréal, Québec to correspond with the International Open Data Day hackathon. We produced a large text file download of all the occurrence data shared by our participating organizations to help make […]

Biodiversity knowledge mobilization meeting (Ottawa 2011)

Publishing and accessing biodiversity information in Canada: Towards a Canadian biodiversity knowledge mobilization strategy – Ottawa, Feb. 24, 2011 Introduction This meeting was jointly organized by Canadensys, NatureServe Canada and the Federal Biodiversity Information Partnership (FBIP). The objective was to explore and build a collaborative commitment to biodiversity data publishing in Canada through cooperation among […]

1st meeting (Montreal 2009)

Introduction The first Canadensys meeting was held January 16-17, 2009 at the Institut de recherche en biologie végétale located at the Montreal Botanical Garden (JBM). Introductions to several other biodiversity informatics projects and the participants’ collections were given the first day. The second day tackled subjects as data standards, data entry and georeferencing. You can […]