Mission Herbonautes – Immersion en Amérique du Nord

Note: the mission is only in French but it is quite straightforward to navigate in the platform You have some free time ahead and you would like to help with the digitization of the Marie-Victorin herbarium (Herbarium of the University of Montréal) ? The herbarium is working with the crowdsourcing platform Les Herbonautes, developed by […]

Developing Biodiversity Informatics in Haiti : towards a better knowledge of the biological richness of the country

The project, funded by a BID small grant, was organized in partnership with the Cayes Botanic Garden, Canadensys and GBIF. A workshop took place from the 20th to 23rd of September at the Cayes Botanical Garden, and participants from all over the country were presents, including representatives of the National Botanic Garden, the Ouanaminthe Botanic […]

Getting students involved in biodiversity informatics

This is a guest post by Jana Vamosi, the Director of the University of Calgary Herbarium. The University of Calgary got involved in Canadensys this year (see also the IPT resource webpage), through a project designed for students to learn about species distribution modeling. We wanted students to understand all components of species distribution modeling, […]

The Erosion of Collections-Based Science: Alarming Trend or Coincidence?

The post below originally appeared on The Plant Press, October 28, 2014 and is gratefully reproduced here with permission from Vicki Funk and Gary Krupnick. From Plant Press, Vol. 17, No. 4, October 2014. A Curator’s PerspectiveBy Vicki A. Funk* Update: Editor’s Note – The phrase ‘A Curator’s Perspective’ was intended to convey that the […]

An indoor field trip: visiting Canada’s national spider collection

This is a guest post by Dr. Christopher Buddle that originally appeared on his blog, Arthropod Ecology. Last week I traveled up to Ottawa with two of my students – our goal was to visit the Arachnid collection at the Canadian National Collection of Insects (CNCI) (and Arachnids and Nematodes). The spider collection is housed […]

Launch of Tools and Services

We’re pleased to launch a new Tools section on our data portal. This first instance contains web forms and programming interfaces that convert geographic coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds to decimal degrees and to atomize dates into numerical representations of day, month, and year. We welcome any feedback you may have on the speed, accuracy, and presentation […]

Counting all specimens at the Marie-Victorin Herbarium

Last summer, 36 volunteers inventoried all of the 22,000+ vascular plant specimen folders of our Marie-Victorin Herbarium (MT), in preparation of its move to the Université de Montréal Biodiversity Centre. I gave a talk about the process, results and potential two weeks ago at the TDWG 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans: You can read […]

Specify at the Biodiversity Centre

This post replaces an obsolete static page of the Canadensys website, which was last updated on June 8, 2010. We have since moved to FileMaker Pro for our database needs, which – although not perfect or cheap – allows batch importing, editing and exporting: features missing from Specify at the time (see also my message […]