How to prepare your data for publication, and what to do with open data [Montréal Workshop]

Where: Room B104/B106, Biodiversity Centre, Montréal Botanical Garden, Montréal
When: 16-18 April 2019
Who: Carole Sinou (Canadensys), Anne Bruneau (Université de Montréal), other speakers to be announced

Preparing a dataset in order to publish on an aggregator like Canadensys or GBIF can be quite fastidious, but data cleaning and standardisation are the key points to good quality and useful datasets. Fortunately, a lot of tools and protocols have been develop through time to help preparing biodiversity datasets.

This workshop aims to give curators, collection managers, students, and everyone willing to share their data on GBIF, a set of useful tools and methodologies to go from their in-house database to the publication of data on GBIF.
We will even go further, and discover how to search and use data published on Canadensys, which is now based on the Atlas of Living Australia framework, and on GBIF.

In particular, the workshop will focus on:

The schedule of the workshop is available here.

All the material developed for the workshop (thanks to the help from the GBIF Secretariat and GBIF Spain) is available here.

This workshop is funded by the GBIF CESP Program.
Some budget is available to help for accommodation and travel expenses. Contact us for more information.

If you want to register, please send an email to

The registration for this workshop is free and is limited to 30 people.