Darwin Core Hour, Chapter 5: DwC Standards in Practice – Introduction to the GBIF IPT

Darwin Core Hour

The Darwin Core Hour, a series of webinars organized by iDigBio, aims to answer general questions about Darwin Core standards and related topics.

From their website :

“Darwin Core has become a broadly-used standard for biodiversity data sharing since its inception as a standard by the organization Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) in 2009. Despite, or because of, its popularity, people trying to use the standard continue to have questions about how to use Darwin Core and associated extensions. This webinar series looks at open questions related to Darwin Core. Though the topic is broad, individual chapters in the series will focus on specific topics to any adequate level of depth. We encourage people to bring or submit questions and to have open discussions in each webinar.”

Chapter 5 : Introduction to the GBIF IPT

This webinar introduces the GBIF IPT, the most widely used tool to publish and share biodiversity data through the GBIF network. Demonstrating how to publish a species occurrence dataset, special emphasis will be given to how to properly map fields to DwC terms while complying with vocabularies and making sure to satisfy GBIF’s required and recommended terms. It will end with a brief look at the tool’s roadmap, with some essential information all IPT administrators need to be made aware of.

This chapter has been divided into three parts. In the first one, given by Kyle Braak from GBIF, explained what is the IPT, and when to use it to publish data. The second part, given by Carole Sinou from Canadensys, presented quickly how to use it and the different type of datasets that can be published through the IPT. The last one, given by Laura Russell, from GBIF, was a live demo of the IPT and how to create a resource from A to Z (upload source file, mapping, metadata, publication, registration, etc).

The recording of the entire webinar is available as an Adobe Connect Recording and a Vimeo.

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