A New Simple Extension for Multimedia files

Canadensys Now Displays Content Using the New Simple Multimedia Extension

Last spring, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) published a new Simple Multimedia extension to Darwin Core.

Starting with images, the Canadensys IPT now offers an optional Simple Multimedia extension to display media (images) metadata associated with occurrence data and checklists.
Instead of the « associatedMedia » field from Darwin Core, we now recommend use of this Simple Multimedia extension. It is now possible to have multiple images per occurrence record each with distinct metadata such as the creator of the media and licensing terms.

Please refer to Canadensys community page on the interpretation and use of Darwin Core terms to learn about the different offered terms and how they are used for display on the Explorer.

The Canadensys development team also adjusted the Explorer to display images and their associated metadata from content in a Simple Multimedia extension as you can see on the following print screen :

Record preview showing the number of associated images.

Extract of an herbarium specimen with 2 associated pictures (herbarium sheet with and without the envelop open).