Darwin Core terms interpreted : Simple Multimedia extension

Canadensys uses the Simple Multimedia extension to publish multimedia data and their associated metadata. This page explains the Canadensys-specific interpretation of the terms; visit our blog post to learn how this is displayed on the Explorer.

Mandatory Fields

Strongly Recommended Fields

  • type:
    The kind of multimedia presented. We recommend use of terms StillImage, Sound or MovingImage.

    Example: StillImage
  • creator:
    The author or person that took the photograph or recorded the video or sound.

    Example: Charles Darwin
  • rightsHolder (mandatory if licensing is not CC0):
    A person or organization owning or managing rights over the multimedia item.

    Example: William Fox
  • references:
    The html webpage showing the multimedia file and other information such as metadata.

    Example: http://bridge.botany.ubc.ca/herbarium/details.php?db=vwsp.fmp12&layout=vwsp_web_details&recid=215698&ass_num=V66475
  • title:
    The title of the file. This will often be used as the hyperlink text.

    Example: white-winged swallow, Tachycineta albiventer

Additional fields

  • description:
    A textual description of the content of the multimedia item. Remarks concerning the resource can also be provided here.

    Example: Female Tachycineta albiventer photographed in the Amazon, Brazil, in November 2010
  • created:
    The date in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd).

    Example: 2004-07-28
  • contributor:
    A person who helped the author in recording the multimedia item.

    Example: Alfred Russel Wallace
  • publisher:
    The entity responsible for making the multimedia item available.

    Example: Flickr
  • audience:
    People for whom the file is intended or useful.

    Example: “experts”, “general public”, “children”
  • source:
    If the multimedia item was derived or taken from another source, this is the reference to that resource.

    Example: a book from which an image was scanned