Darwin Core terms interpreted

This page explains the Canadensys-specific interpretation and implementation of Darwin Core terms in the Explorer. ** This symbol describes the way Canadensys will display the information coming from this field

Darwin Core Archive

A Darwin Core Archive (Dwc-A) is the main unit of reference in the Explorer because the goal is to maintain synchrony with sources that produce these documents. In the absence of an accepted globally unique ID mechanism, we use a combination of source file (Dwc-A) and core ID to uniquely identify a record within the Explorer.

Darwin Core Terms for OCCURRENCE data – Core file


A Darwin Core Archive may contain records from multiple institutions. In most cases, institutionCode uniquely identifies an institution but this is not a guarantee


A Darwin Core Archive may contain records from multiple collections (e.g. botanical or entomological collections).


A Darwin Core Archive may contain multiple datasets (e.g. distinct groups of data representing insect surveys conducted in different years) and datasetID is not globally unique.


associated data


location – Altitude-related terms

various « Remarks » terms

Darwin Core Terms for CHECKLIST data – Core file