Mission Herbonautes – Immersion en Amérique du Nord

Note: the mission is only in French but it is quite straightforward to navigate in the platform You have some free time ahead and you would like to help with the digitization of the Marie-Victorin herbarium (Herbarium of the University of Montréal) ? The herbarium is working with the crowdsourcing platform Les Herbonautes, developed by […]

A New Simple Extension for Multimedia files

Canadensys Now Displays Content Using the New Simple Multimedia Extension Last spring, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) published a new Simple Multimedia extension to Darwin Core. Starting with images, the Canadensys IPT now offers an optional Simple Multimedia extension to display media (images) metadata associated with occurrence data and checklists. Instead of the « […]

Link Love: DOIs for Darwin Core Archives

Canadensys now assigns digital object identifiers (DOIs) to the Darwin Core Archives (DwC-A) it hosts and serves via its Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) repository of checklist and occurrence data. For example, the DOI for the Royal Ontario Museum’s Green Plant Herbarium (TRT) is doi:10.5886/g7j6gct1 and that for the University of Montréal Biodiversity Centre’s Marie-Victorin Herbarium […]

Counting all specimens at the Marie-Victorin Herbarium

Last summer, 36 volunteers inventoried all of the 22,000+ vascular plant specimen folders of our Marie-Victorin Herbarium (MT), in preparation of its move to the Université de Montréal Biodiversity Centre. I gave a talk about the process, results and potential two weeks ago at the TDWG 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans: You can read […]