Tutorial n°4: how to only select occurrences with coordinates and/or images?

Before To limit the search to occurrences with geographic coordinates and/or images in the old Explorer, you would use the filters ‘Coordinates’ or ‘Images’ in the ‘Extra’ section. Choose the ‘Coordinates’ or ‘Image(s)’ filter Click on ‘Yes’ and then on ‘Add Filter’ Click on the ‘Search current filter’ button Wait for all the occurrences to […]

Tutorial n°3: How to search for a specific collection?

Before To search for a specific collection in the old Explorer, you would choose the filter ‘Dataset Name’ (or ‘Institution’, or ‘IPT resource’). For example, if I want to retrieve all the occurrences of the Québec’s herbarium (QUE), I will: Choose the ‘Dataset Name’ filter In thr drop-down menu, click on ‘Herbier du Québec (QUE)’ […]

Tutorial n°2: how to search for occurrences form a specific location?

Before Wether you are preparing your next field trip, your family vacation or you just want to now what have been collected around you house, searching for a specific location on the old Explorer is easy. Choose one of the ‘Location’ filter: ‘country’, ‘State/Province’, ‘Municipality’, ‘Locality’, depending on the level of precision you need. Note: […]

Tutorial n°1: How to have access to all the occurrences of a specific taxon?

Before You were able to do that easily in the old Explorer, by using the ‘Scientific Name’ filter. For example, if I need all the occurrences of Taraxacum officinale, I will: Choose the ‘Scientific Name’ filter Type the latin name of the taxon you are looking for Click on the ‘Search’ button View the video […]

New Canadensys Explorer: get to know it!

Our new Explorer, based on the Atlas of Living Australia framework, has been running for few weeks now. After month and month of hard work, this new platform is running and available! Some details has to be polished, but we are working on it! If you find some bugs or dead ends, please contact us. […]

New Features and Data in the Explorer

Last week, we released a new version of the Canadensys Explorer that has a number of new capabilities. Many of these enhancements were implemented in collaboration with Dr. James Macklin, Research Scientist, Botany and Biodiversity Informatics at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility (CBIF) in partnership with Canadensys intends to use the […]

Canadensys explorer surpasses 1M records

We are pleased to announce that the Canadensys Explorer has surpassed one million occurrence records contributed by its partners. This milestone represents over a third of what we aim to help mobilize by end of 2013 and showcases the immense human effort at each partnering institution as well as the capacity of the Candensys technical […]

Delightful Explorations

The Canadensys Explorer is reaching 1M collection records. As this landmark nears, we realize that its dynamic map is becoming less usable. The recognition of patterns and the ability to zoom in to specific collection localities are becoming challenging tasks. With the help of Vizzuality, we are investigating dynamic clustering methods that are triggered when […]

New Canadensys explorer features: stats view & occurrence pages

We are happy to announce two new features for the Canadensys explorer: stats view & occurrence pages. Stats view In addition to map and table view, you can now display basic statistics about your query in stats view. Just click the button at the top and the explorer will crunch the numbers for you. The […]

Launch of the Canadensys explorer

This post is also available in French. We are very pleased to announce the beta version of the Canadensys explorer. The tool allows you to explore, filter, visualize and download all the specimen records published through the Canadensys network. The explorer currently aggregates nine published collections, comprising over half a million specimen records, with many […]