How to prepare your data for publication, and what to do with open data [Workshop]

Where: Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia When: 15-17 october 2018 Who: Carole Sinou (Canadensys), Alain Beliveau and Allison Walker (E.C. Smith Herbarium, Acadia University) Preparing a dataset in order to publish on an aggregator like Canadensys or GBIF can be quite fastidious, but data cleaning and standardisation are the key points to good quality and […]

Workshop: introduction to the publication of biodiversity data

In partnership with the ABQ, Canadensys offered two workshops in May, for the professionals and organizations interested in publishing their data on Canadensys and GBIF. This one day workshop has been divided in two parts. Association des Biologistes du Québec (ABQ) The Association des Biologistes du Québec (ABQ) is an association of more than 800 […]

TDWG 2013

Biodiversity Information Standards (aka Taxonomic Database Working Group or TDWG) held it’s annual conference the week of October 28th 2013 in Florence, Italy. TDWG was formed to establish international collaboration between biological database projects. It promotes the wider and more effective dissemination of information about the World’s heritage of biological organisms for the benefit of […]

Canadensys explorer surpasses 1M records

We are pleased to announce that the Canadensys Explorer has surpassed one million occurrence records contributed by its partners. This milestone represents over a third of what we aim to help mobilize by end of 2013 and showcases the immense human effort at each partnering institution as well as the capacity of the Candensys technical […]