Tutorial n°4: how to only select occurrences with coordinates and/or images?


To limit the search to occurrences with geographic coordinates and/or images in the old Explorer, you would use the filters ‘Coordinates’ or ‘Images’ in the ‘Extra’ section.

  • Choose the ‘Coordinates’ or ‘Image(s)’ filter
  • Click on ‘Yes’ and then on ‘Add Filter’
  • Click on the ‘Search current filter’ button
  • Wait for all the occurrences to load…
  • You can then add other filters such as scientific name, location, collection, etc.


In the new Explorer, you will not have access to this two types of information in the same menu, but it’s still available.

  1. For images:

    • In the menu on the left on the page, click on ‘Record’
    • In the sub-menu ‘Multimedia’, click on ‘Image’
    • Wait for the data to load
    • From there, you can view the data on the map, as a list of occurrences, or as images, and you can have access to some statistics.
    • You can then add other filters from the menu on the left

    All images are also directly available on the ‘images’ portal, from where you can do a simple search. The Advanced Search still need a little bit of work to make it really user-friendly.

  2. For coordinates:

    • In the menu on the left, click on ‘Location’, which will open the filter
    • In the ‘Spatial Validity’ sub-menu, click on ‘Spatially Valid’
    • This will load all the occurrences with coordinates for which no flags has been raised
    • You can then add other filters from the menu on the left

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