Mission Herbonautes – Immersion en Amérique du Nord

Note: the mission is only in French but it is quite straightforward to navigate in the platform You have some free time ahead and you would like to help with the digitization of the Marie-Victorin herbarium (Herbarium of the University of Montréal) ? The herbarium is working with the crowdsourcing platform Les Herbonautes, developed by […]

Tutorial n°4: how to only select occurrences with coordinates and/or images?

Before To limit the search to occurrences with geographic coordinates and/or images in the old Explorer, you would use the filters ‘Coordinates’ or ‘Images’ in the ‘Extra’ section. Choose the ‘Coordinates’ or ‘Image(s)’ filter Click on ‘Yes’ and then on ‘Add Filter’ Click on the ‘Search current filter’ button Wait for all the occurrences to […]

Tutorial n°3: How to search for a specific collection?

Before To search for a specific collection in the old Explorer, you would choose the filter ‘Dataset Name’ (or ‘Institution’, or ‘IPT resource’). For example, if I want to retrieve all the occurrences of the Québec’s herbarium (QUE), I will: Choose the ‘Dataset Name’ filter In thr drop-down menu, click on ‘Herbier du Québec (QUE)’ […]

Tutorial n°2: how to search for occurrences form a specific location?

Before Wether you are preparing your next field trip, your family vacation or you just want to now what have been collected around you house, searching for a specific location on the old Explorer is easy. Choose one of the ‘Location’ filter: ‘country’, ‘State/Province’, ‘Municipality’, ‘Locality’, depending on the level of precision you need. Note: […]