Tutorial n°1: How to have access to all the occurrences of a specific taxon?


You were able to do that easily in the old Explorer, by using the ‘Scientific Name’ filter. For example, if I need all the occurrences of Taraxacum officinale, I will:

  • Choose the ‘Scientific Name’ filter
  • Type the latin name of the taxon you are looking for
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button


Even if the research is not using the same path in the new Explorer, it is as easy to have access to all the data for a particular taxon.

Different options are available for your research:

  1. Simple Search:

    This type of search will look for the key word(s) you are searching in every terms in the database, leading to a non-restrictive set of answer. It is then possible to add a filter based on the scientific name, in order to focus the search precisely on what you are looking for:

  2. Advanced Search:

    In order to limit the results to the scientific name only, you can go in the Advanced Search, and type the name of the taxon you are interested in:

    The Advanced Search allows the use of several filters, like the country, the state/province, the event date, the institution/collection/dataset, and the group of interest (plants, animals, insects, bryophytes, birds, etc.)

  3. Search a list of taxa:

    It is now possible to get all the occurrences of a list of species. To do so, go in the Advanced Search, click on the ‘Batch taxon search’ tab, and type or copy/paste the list of species (one name per line).