LatLong Crosshairs for Google Maps


The Canadensys LatLong Crosshairs allows you to get the coordinates for any point in Google Maps and offers them separated by a tab, so you can easily paste them in your spreadsheet. It’s an alternative to Google’s right-click “What’s here” and more precise than Google’s LatLngTooltip and LatLngMarker. NOTE: this utility does not work with the new WebGL-based version of Google Maps. Code behind the LatLong Crosshairs bookmarklet can be found in a GitHub gist.

How to install

To install, drag this link: LatLong Crosshairs up to your bookmarks toolbar. The bookmarklet does not work in Internet Explorer (last time we tested).


How to use

  1. Open Google Maps and click the bookmarklet to activate the crosshairs.
  2. Zoom in and drag the map around to move the crosshairs to the point of interest.
  3. Click the crosshairs to get the latitude and longitude.
  4. Click the bookmarklet again to deactivate the crosshairs.