DwC/IPT workshop (Berkeley 2010)


berkeley-2010-meeting Canadensys and the University of California, Berkeley are organizing a two day CCSIP Collaboration Workshop, including a Darwin Core/IPT workshop on March 13-14, 2010 at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology in Berkeley, California. The workshop is sponsored by the Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership (CCSIP) and consists of 3 sessions:

  • Plenary session – Saturday morning
  • Principal Investigator session – Saturday afternoon
  • Technical workshop – Saturday afternoon and Sunday


Workshop description

Participants of the technical workshop will be introduced to Darwin Core, the newly ratified TDWG standard for sharing biodiversity information. Subjects presented at the workshop are an overview of all terms in Darwin Core, differences with older versions of Darwin Core, Simple Darwin Core, Darwin Core archive and Darwin Core extensions. The GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) will be presented as a convenient way to publish biodiversity data as Darwin Core. Participants will learn how to map, manage and publish datasets with the IPT.

The core component of the workshop will be hands-on mapping of the participants’ datasets to Darwin Core. Mapping is the one-time linking of the fields of a custom dataset to the Darwin Core terms, so the dataset can be expressed as Darwin Core. The goal of this use-case exercise is to discover what mapping problems are common, so we can draft a mapping requirements document. This document could then be used by the IPT development team to improve the mapping functionalities of IPT, which are currently rather limited.

Participants are expected to bring a representative sample (2000 records) of their data or their data model, and ideally also from other collections/datasets from their institution. Participants will have to bring their own computer and will be required to access the internet through Wi-Fi connection.

The workshop trainers are:


Laura Russell Data publishing tools

Laura Russell IPT presentation